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Contract Manufacturing

Custom production of biologics and peptides.


Contract M

Innovation >


cGMP production of biologics and peptides. PROTEOS Biotech is constantly innovating with new technologies improving the upstream and downtream processess. We specialized in bacterial fermentation production processess (Escherichia coli and Bacillus megaterium)

Our Research and Development team is at the forefront of design of the next bioprocess technology generation, which will lower the cost of goods and improve quality in manufacturing processess.

Project Management >

  • Custom designed projects, including initial or upstream steps (cloning, selection of optimized strains, selection of optimxed expression conditions).
  • We perform Contract Manufacturing for new biologics and we optimize purification procedures.
  • Optimization of downstream processess using 100 L fermenters.

Development >

  • Our experienced team of researchers develops upstream and downstream processess for cusmized projects.
  • Periodic updates to the customer.
  • Establish realistic time frames and respect deadlines.
  • Grade A cGMP manufacturing of biologics and peptides by fermentation.

GMP Scale-Up >

  • Develop feed batch fermetation (100 L).
  • Purification in Grade A cGMP room using FPLC.
  • Quality control of the biologics and peptides: HPLC, activity assays, microbiological controls.
  • Fill and finishing in Grade A cGMP.

GMP Cell and Plasmid Banking

  • Production and custody of Active Biological Pharmaceutical Ingredients (ABPIs):

MCB: Master Cell Bank
WCB: Working Cell Bank

  • Characterization and custody of cloning and expression vectors:

MPB: Master Plasmid Bank (pEntry)
WPB: Working Plasmid Bank (pDest)

  • Customized service to adapt expression systems, cytoplasmic or secreted proteins.
  • Services include cloning and characterization of the clones to be used in MCB and WCB.