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MOEHS IBÉRICA - New partner

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In June 2011, PROTEOS Biotech has joined MOEHS Group through the investment the Group has decided to make.

This investment (1,148,000.00 €) represents a participation of 50% in the share capital of PROTEOS Biotech, thus transforming ZURKO Research and MOEHS Ibérica in partners with equal shares.

Currently, MOEHS Ibérica is an independent company within PMC Global Incorporated, which manages the production plants of MOEHS in Spain.
MOEHS Ibérica has centered its activity in the field of fine chemicals, and more specifically, in producing Active Ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.    
MOEHS historical commitment to the pharmaceutical sector and the continuous exchange of information with its clients have led to the adaptation of the products and services to the demands and expectations of the market segment where it operates.
MOEHS main lines of work are the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for the generic market and the Costum Manufacturing or compound production for pharmaceutical companies under technology cession or joint development.