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Proteos biotech´s KERATINASES are wide spectrum enzymes with specific activity to disulfide bonds with very high affinity to keratin. KERATINASE is produced under recombinant conditions and purified by chromatography.

Our KERATINASES proceed from Bacillus licheniformis (PWD) and are produced in E. coli. KERATINASE has been adapted to the laboratory and cosmetic conditions (microencapsulated).

The KERATINASE (kerA) is active and present the following physical and chemical parameters:
Molecular Weight (MW): 38.9 KDa Isoelectric Point (pI): 8.73.



PURE70 Keratinase (PB333)

93,00 €

• Purity 70%
• Pre-filtred through a 0.8µm membrane
• Filtered through a 0.22µm membrane
• Sterile
• Lyophilized
• Activity >12 U/mg
• Endotoxin (negative)


PURE100 Keratinase

175,00 €

• Pureza 95%
• Purificada por cromatografía
• Estéril
• Liofilizada
• Actividad >500-1500 U/mg
• Endotoxinas (negativo)