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Proteos biotech´s SUBTILISIN-DFE is an enzyme of wide spectrum with great affinity for a high range of substrates and synthesized by the microorganism in pre-pro-protease form. These proteases have a great purity as they have been produced under recombinant conditions and purified by affinity chromatography.

Our Subtilisins proceed from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and are produced in E. coli. All the Subtilisins have been adapted to the conditions of work in laboratory and in cosmetics (microencapsulated).  
The Subtilisin (Sub.DFE-His) is active and present the following physical and chemical parameters:
Molecular Weight: 27.5 KDaIsoelectric Point: 6.30



PURE70 Subtilisin - DFE

64,00 €

• Purity 70%
• Pre-filtred through a 0.8µm membrane
• Filtered through a 0.22µm membrane
• Sterile
• Lyophilized
• Activity >5U/mg
• Endotoxin (negative)


PURE100 Subtilisin - DFE

139,00 €

• Purity 95%
• Chromatographically purified
• Sterile
• Lyophilized
• Activity >1000 U/mg
• Endotoxin (negative)