NO DISPONIBLE Ingrediente activo para cosmética, en formato microencapsulado, cuyo principio activo es una Lipasa termófila estabilizada.
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MSDS Ficha técnica   Properties: LIPOCEL-ERASE PB selectively dissolves and mobilizes excess lipids accumulated in adipocytes, responsible for cellulite nodule and orange peel, by a specific and high-performance lipolytic activity. Consequently, it improves the appearance of visible cellulite by activating lymphatic drainage and smoothing skin surface of the affected areas. Characteristics: LIPOCEL-ERASE PB is an ingenious and effective alternative to conventional vegetal extracts and organic compounds. Applications: Cosmetic treatment of adipose cellulite and localized adiposity. Suitable for slimming and silhouette refining preparations. Dosage: 0.5 – 1.0% Formulation: LIPOCEL-ERASE PB can be incorporated in all types of body care products for treating cellulite as well as fat localized depots, and to achieve a fine silhouette. The product is especially suitable for gels.