NO DISPONIBLE Ingrediente activo para cosmética, en formato microencapsulado, cuyo principio activo es una Lipasa termófila estabilizada.
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MSDS Ficha técnica Properties: LIPOCLEANSING PB performs a sebolytic effect, by dissolving excess sebaceous lipids accumulated on skin surface. It promotes sebum regulation and normalization. It gently exfoliates, detoxifies and removes impurities, leaving skin smooth, clear and bright.   Characteristics: LIPOCLEANSING PB is a gentle natural alternative to conventional chemical compounds with detersive action and sulfur-containing substances.   Applications: Deep cleansing and mechanical exfoliation, cosmetic treatment of skins which are greasy or with acneic tendencies.   Dosage: 0.5 – 1.0%   Formulation: LIPOCLEANSING PB can be incorporated in all types of cosmetic formulations where deep skin cleansing and mechanical exfoliation are desired. Compatible with sensitive-skin users and long-term treatments.