NO DISPONIBLE Ingrediente activo para cosmética, en formato microencapsulado, cuyo principio activo es una Keratinasa estabilizada.
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MSDS Ficha técnica Characteristics: KERATOCLEAN®PB is a gentle natural alternative to AHAs, urea and thioglycolates for skin care. Properties: KERATOCLEAN®PB selectively eliminates dead skin cells by a gentle enymatic peeling and mechanical exfoliation to smooth the skin surface and promote cell renewal. Applications: Enzymatic peeling and mechanical scrubbing, skin cell renewal, fi rming, thickening and moisturizing, antiaging and anti-wrinkle, cosmetic treatment of calluses and corns, Keratosis pilaris, Acne, Hirsutism, ingrown hair removing and hair growth delaying. Dosage: 0.5%-1.0% Not to be used on damaged skin Formulation: KERATOCLEAN®PB can be incorporated in all types of cosmetic formulations where chemicalphysical exfoliation and skin cell renewal are desired.  Compatible with sensitive-skin users and long-term treatments.